“I see the Earth’s declining health as our most important concern, our very lives depending upon a healthy Earth. Our concern for it must come first, because the welfare of the burgeoning masses of humanity demands a healthy planet.”  

James Lovelock: The Revenge of Gaia

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Development of Management Plans and Tourism Development Plans mainly for Conservation Areas: This entails the preparation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s), Protected Area Management Plans (PAMP’s) and Tourism Development Plans (TDP’s) for specific projects. The plans would be developed in consultation with the relevant interested and affected parties (facilitated by Biovista) that the Management Team requires having on board in the process. EMP’s are developed to help guide the implementation of the recommended mitigation (and enhancement) measures identified during the EIA process. PAMP’s help guide Protected Area Management operations, providing ecological zonation, biological and ecological baseline information, and relevant maps; as well as all activities falling within the scope of PAM i.e. research and monitoring activities, resource guardianship / law enforcement, environmental education, community relations, control of alien biota, and control of soil erosion etc. TDP’s (often a component of a PAMP, but not necessarily), develop tourism objectives for an area and guide tourism development activities. The aim is to assist the client in maximising tourism potential for the chosen area and aligning tourism activities as far as possible to be socially, economically & ecologically responsible and sustainable. I.e.  True eco-tourism products: “Tourism into areas of great natural beauty or special interest that has minimum impact on the environment, and maximum benefit to local people”.

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Development of Management Plans & Tourism Development Plans - Mainly for Conservation Areas