Project: Tourism Development Plan for !Gariep Municipality.

Location: Gariep, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Client: !Gariep Municipality.

Project Partner: Grahame Thomson of Seaton-Thomson & Associates.  

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Task & implementation: Compile a Tourism Development Plan for !Gariep Municipality Biovista / Seaton-Thomson & Associates investigated potential tourism options including tourism routes for the region, conducted a SWOT analysis, identified possible impacts, provided mitigation and enhancement strategies, had consultations with the municipality steering committee, identified possible funders and compiled the plan.

Project: Tourism Development Plan Waterberg Wilderness Reserve.

Location: Waterberg Region near, Mokopone, Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Client: Bushlore Africa, c/o Robert Newenham & Mark Mattheson.

Task & implementation: Compile a Tourism Development Plan for Waterberg Wilderness Area. The potential tourism options and associated budget were compiled into a plan. Elements of the plan were subsequently implemented. It is now a frequently visited wilderness destination.