“I see the Earth’s declining health as our most important concern, our very lives depending upon a healthy Earth. Our concern for it must come first, because the welfare of the burgeoning masses of humanity demands a healthy planet.”  

James Lovelock: The Revenge of Gaia

who we are

Biodiversity: is the variety of living organisms on Earth. It occurs at 3 main levels: ecosystem; species and genetic. A number of different factors guide biodiversity richness.

What is Biodiversity?

BIOVISTA is a Conservation Consultancy, operating predominantly in the Southern African Region. It is owned and operated by Jenny Newenham, but sub-contracts to and partners with assorted conservation / environmental specialists and initiatives. Biovista aims to provide a biological and ecological perspective on the work done.

Vision: Biovista has a vision to assist clients to live and operate more environmentally consciously, by becoming aware of the value of biodiversity and the associated ecosystem services that biodiversity provides. Biovista subscribes to the Ecosystem Approach and aims to help conserve some of the last remaining wilderness areas.

Mission:  Biovista’s Mission is to contribute creatively and ecologically to African Conservation Initiatives, so that we all can tread more lightly on our precious planet. This is done by conducting ecological assessments, planning, implementing monitoring programs, ensuring environmental compliance and creating awareness through training, and providing guidelines & recommendations. Biovista serves the corporate sector in the form of developers in different fields, as well as conservation orientated NGO’S and government agencies.  

Biovista has been in operation for over 10 years, and has been involved in a variety of different conservation related initiatives. Refer to: previous projects and services offered.

There are now more than 7 billion people dependent on the planet. On our current path of existence, we are heading for the 6th extinction.  If this does happen, it will be the only anthropogenic-induced mass extinction! We simply do not respect our natural environment and the biodiversity around us. Biodiversity and associated ecosystem services, underpin human well-being. We are dependent on abiotic and biotic resources, but these resources are not dependent us. However it isn’t too late for us to live consciously, sustainably and responsibly!

Jenny Newenham has more than 20 years’ experience (since 1991) in the field of conservation. Initially it was in the formal conservation sector, for Kangwane Parks Corporation, The Transvaal Provincial Administration (TPA) Conservation Department, the Eastern Transvaal Conservation Board, Mpumalanga Parks Board and a project with Rhodes University / Water Research Commission. She subsequently formed Biovista and began operating as a Conservation Consultant. In the formal sector Jenny worked in variety of different conservation disciplines: protected area management, bio-monitoring activities, community relations and environmental education. She has been based on Protected Areas (Private and State) for the majority of her career.

Jenny has a National Diploma and Higher Diploma in Nature Conservation as well as a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Zoology. While most of her work has been in the terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, she is in the process of setting up her M. Sc. moving into the marine ecosystem, to work on delphinids (dolphins) in Southern Mozambique.

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